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Russian Economy Slows Amid Crisis      04/16 06:16

   MOSCOW (AP) --- Russia's economy minister says growth slowed to 0.8 percent 
in the first quarter due to uncertainty over the crisis in Ukraine.

   Alexei Ulyukayev told parliament Wednesday that the situation had worsened 
because of "the acute international situation of the past two months," as well 
as "serious capital flight." More capital left the country in the first three 
months of 2014 than in all of 2013.

   The figure fell far short of the ministry's earlier prediction of 2.5 
percent growth.

   Russian markets have been rattled by tensions between Moscow and neighboring 
Ukraine, where Russia annexed the Black Sea region of Crimea in March. Ukraine 
has accused Russia of supporting armed militants in the country's east, where 
pro-Russian activists have seized government buildings and police stations.


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