Hogs Climatic Top?


All rumors, news and not, levels guesses (hopefully educated) levels and ideas to cut through the hype in commodities today.

Let's take a stroll back as we head into March qtr end. Most (not you) can't think past asking what's your next level but let recap a few mkts I have discussed especially that last 30days ish.

Hogs- during the dog days of Feb when hogs where in freefall I laid out a few olive extremes where you Mute the news (like now in bonds) and stand to buy (sight unseen, open orders small) laid out from LHJ <53, and M, Q which hit in final panic two day 10% final crush low of move.

Hog- A year move, 4 weeks

If you do not study technical analysis, how do you learn the similarities? Where are hogs going now you impatiently ask? 105 for starters, but what is todays date? Is important? Lets check the free charts and see what they say.

Today is expanded limit up Hogs- Sell longs and walk away? JUNE AUG OLB? Get a game plan or ask, hire get with someone where actionable means you read it ahead of time in my opinion.

Wait for the junk to get dragged along. Get it? It's an old rule if you have the experience or the wounds when it happened last time. If your new just learn from your costly mistakes. I did.

If you have been following I also speculated wheat last few weeks was hogs which might be playing out now. Watch wheat for point of recognition now.

These type of extremes do not happen everyday which is why I posited that these may be major cycle lows which will become obvious to to most after it happens. What good is a rear-view mirror 20/20 hindsight broker? Bonds have an olive extreme live today, day after FRB spook and nothing said.

Bond Dot Plots are for idiots- A lot of PhDs think the world of Fed peeps guessing future rates. What happened yesterday that I have asked for years? Fed did nothing and dot plotters major shifted?

Fed did nothing. I say watch what they do, not what these "managed expectations" being force feed to those foolish enough to revise, enough. Someone needs to buy high tick.

Stocks- First Dow hit OLS, then Spu, now Nasd on Fed day.

Platinum this qtr plunged to OLB new low then bull mkt. Clean out weak longs? Sound familiar?

Learn how the charts give you levels, like EP TL 2842 during the hair on fire fed gobblygook after failing early in day, week if you missed selling 1st time. This market is on fire also. What did that money manager say if this was to happen?

I expect some major tops or bottoms occured this qtr.

What's next you continually ask?

Ask your broker. Your self directed and looking for a free tip?

White lightening in the 5th.

Whats a good service worth?

A carpenter bid for an hour is $90-110 an hour, two hours minimum.

If man doesn't learn from past mistakes he will make same mistakes time and time again.

Best of Trading to All

Alan Palmer

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