Iowa-Southern Minnesota Feeder Cattle Weekly Summary
Oklahoma City, OK    Fri Sep 14, 2018    Oklahoma City, OK USDA
Iowa-Missouri Direct Feeder Cattle Sales
Feeder Cattle Weighted Average Report for 09/14/2018

Receipts:  256    Last week: 1,526     Last Year: 55

    Compared to the last report:  No sale last week to compare to.  
Prices based on net weights FOB after a 3 percent shrink or equivalent 
and 5-10 cent slide on calves and 4-6 cent slide on yearlings from base 
weights.  Supply included 100 percent over 600 lbs; 0 percent heifers.  
Delivered prices include freight, commissions and other expenses.  
Current sales are up to 14 days delivery. 

                Feeder Steers Medium and Large 1
 Head   Wt Range   Avg Wt    Price Range   Avg Price  Delivery
   70      760       760       154.00         154.00   Current FOB   
   65      750       750       151.50         151.50   Oct     FOB   
  121      825       825       158.00         158.00   Current Del   

                Feeder Heifers: Not Tested.

Source:  USDA Market News Oklahoma City, OK
         Joe Massey Market Reporter, 405-232-5425
         24 Hour Market Report 1-405-636-2691