About Us
We are an agricultural Cooperative that was established in 1915 to provide a place where local farmers could take their grain and buy inputs for their crops.  We have since built a business that is now a full service Coop that not only provides services to the agricultural community but to the general community as well.  

Our fuel department provides cardtrol fuel, as well as bulk fuel delivery.  Our feed department stocks a wide range of feed from dog and cat food, show feeds, minerals, horse and cattle feed. 

For the agricultural community we offer fertilizer and chemicals for all your crop needs along with the ability to apply them for you.  We offer custom fertilizer blending for those special needs.  After you have applied all the inputs and the crops are ready to be harvested we have the facilities to get your crops out of the field quickly.  We offer multiple contracts to help you capture a good price for those crops.


To provide superior service for the growth

and profitability of its members

and the Cooperative.